three ways having diabetes benefitted my vegan lifestyle

Admittedly, connecting the dots between a vegan lifestyle and type 1 diabetes can form a really ambigous shape.

However, that does mean that the two are unrelated or are not able to build upon each other.

While I may elaborate on some more points in the future, I think it’s a fun mental exercise to seek out how being vegan and having diabetes may work together.

alas, the lack of eggs and dairy in this muffin did not correspond with a lack of carbohydrates…

More specifically, what are some ways that my life post-insulin-producing-pancreas benefitted my decision to clear my plate of all things animal?

Here are three ways.

1.) making menu adjustments
I already was comfortable with how to read a menu thoroughly when out to eat and comfortable with requesting adjustments at restaurants.

Having diabetes provided plenty of practice with this—everything from confirming my order’s ingredients to pitching variations of what was offered on the print menu.

2.) seeking out what’s inside
Asking for ingredient lists and nutritional information when eating out at a more established business was already something I got familiar with doing based on my medical needs. Therefore, asking similar questions with ethical concerns in mind came surprisingly naturally.

While its success will depend greatly on the type of eatery or company, it never hurts to ask.

3.) staying prepared
Ah, it seems so obvious, but it’s still the ultimate tip: keep a snack around.

As a vegan it can be difficult to ensure you’ll have a good – or any — selection around when you get hungry; as a person with type 1, having a snack on hand can be an imperative if a weird hypoglycemic episode strikes. Since diabetes introduced me to the necessity of having something small to eat with me whenever I left the house, I was able to find that I was less likely to be in a situation where, as a vegan, I was without a snack.

Even without the medical impetus, grabbing a piece of fruit or mini Luna bar (11 g carbohydrates, in case you’re wondering) before venturing forth on an adventure is a sharp idea.


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