In a nutshell, VEGABETIC elaborates upon one girl’s path to living as healthy as possible while remaining sane.

While speaking from a specific perspective, that of a young adult with Type 1 Diabetes and a vegan lifestyle, VEGABETIC still seeks to provide worthwhile considerations for a more generalized audience.


My name is Ashley Kole. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (i.e., “T1D”/”T1DM”) in 2002 — months away of my twelfth birthday.

While I have had my share of burn out over the fourteen years that I have had this condition, I am still committed to learning about this disease and others’ experiences with it.

I found that diabetes demanded that I grow familiar with an understanding of nutrition and health at a young age. And I couldn’t be more thankful.

By working to understand how food could impact my body, I found that I was a ripe candidate for vegetarianism — a decision I made as a high school freshman. By 16, I had committed to eating a vegan diet. The gradual transition between the two seemed logical to me when I considered the various benefits.

While managing my life with T1D can be difficult at times, I feel that my personal commitment to eating a plant-based diet has served me well in accomplishing my goals.

While this lifestyle decision may not work the same way for everyone’s body, I do hope that the message of making conscious decisions about food resonates with the vast majority of potential readers. Experimenting with what works for you, especially when related to the management of a chronic disease or illness, seems the best way to find your truth — that is, what works for you.


There exist popular misconceptions about what diabetes means, as there are among the understanding of veganism. While mainly extracted from the experiences of one individual, VEGABETIC seeks to broaden the understanding of these two labels.

Additionally, there are topics that often are overlooked in the diabetes field that are worth exploring: eating disorders, body image, sexuality, stigma, etc.


Living and working in the city of Philadelphia, Ashley is a 25-year-old writer and editor.

While she initially entered university to study Nutrition, aiming to work with a population affected by diabetes, her focus shifted to writing and obtained a degree in Communication with an emphasis on Public Relations and Journalism. She sought to work toward that same goal, but in a different field.

Since obtaining a certificate as a yoga teacher in 2013, she began to draft up ideas for Yoga With Diabetes — a movement and mindfulness-based track for complementing diabetes management. She has lead yoga sessions at ADA’s Step Out: Walk for Diabetes in Philadelphia, Pa. and instructed various individuals with other chronic conditions in studio sessions.


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